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4 December 2018

All ready for testing.

These are the start of some of our amazing Lunar Roving Vehicles.  We have made the chassis and attached the axle and wheels.  When we have tested out which wheels work the best then we can complete our final design.  

4 December 2018

Developing our making skills.

We found out lots about moon buggies and discovered that it is called a Lunar Roving Vehicle.  We knew that we needed to have a strong chassis and that the wheels and axle must be able to turn otherwise our 'Rover' wouldn't work.  We had to carefully measure and cu...

4 December 2018

Marvelous Moon Buggies

As part of our topic 'Moon Zoom' one of the children's independent learning challenges has been to see if they can use the construction kits to build a moon buggy.  There has been fantastic teamwork, lots of having a go and trying our different ideas but most of all absolutely to...

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