We take pride in our excellent links with the wider community of Stokesley.

We have good working relationships with the Secondary school, the Library, the Leisure centre, the Police, the Stokesley Society and the local Churches. We welcome involvement in our school from the wider Stokesley community - please get in touch with us if you represent a community group and would like to work on an idea together.

Currently we have the local art society working with our pupils to make a mural for our new foundation building.  We can not wait to see the finished product and thank their team massively for all their time and commitment.

We were also very proud to work with the British Legion to create a Rembemance Garden for the100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War. Each class created writing and a display on the theme of Poppies. It had a greater effect upon the school community than we imagined.   It has been a theme that brought the whole school and the wider community together.

We were also honoured to have some members of the British Legion join us to open our garden with Year 1’s.  It will hopefully make the 101st, 102nd anniversaries and beyond as poignant and important as the 100th.