School Aims and Values


PARTS - Perseverance, Aspiration, Responsibility, Togetherness, Success

Stokesley Primary Academy School aims to provide a balanced, creative education through its curriculum design in a stimulating and safe environment. Children are able to utilize their talents and develop pride in their school work and extra curricular achievements.

The school operates with huge expectations for all under the foci of Perseverance, Aspiration, Responsibility and Togetherness, combining to forge success (PARTS)

We want children to 

  • achieve the highest possible standards across the curriculum  
  • be enthused about learning and develop a positive image of themselves as learners
  • develop a sense of responsibility for their actions and a positive self-image
  • feel values and have the opportunity to develop to their full potential with an ethos of mutual respect and fairness

Stokesley Primary Academy is an inclusive school, we are committed to ensuring sustained progress and high standards and expectations for all our pupils whatever their starting point.


Mr Scott Mcfarlane, Principal


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