30 January 2019

On Thursday this week until the Half-Term we welcome teachers and pupils from Roseberry Primary EYFS, Y1 and Y2 classes to our school.

We were approached on Monday this week with a request to accommodate them after a failure of the heating system at Roseberry. Many thanks to my staff for being so welcoming. We are looking forward to working and playing with them and see this as a great opportunity to demonstrate the strengths of being in the true "Family of Schools" that is The Enquire Learning Trust. The experience we had a few years ago when the EYFS building here was condemned means we truly understand the anxiety such events create. We hope to make a difficult time for Roseberry a little easier. Hopefully there is a quick solution to their problems but in the meantime they are welcome to become a temporary part of our team.

Posted by Scott McFarlane on 30 January 2019

Category: Principal's Blog