16 April 2021

Hopefully the children have told you all about our mysterious seeds. After a lot of thoughtful discussion we decided to plant them for the weekend as there would be no one in school.  Mr Pickersgill is on standby incase a beanstalk really does grow.  The children made some great warning signs and we put up a fence to make doubly sure that no one goes too near, just incase! We will have to see what Monday brings.

I am not sure what to hope for, I thought you might like to read some of the children’s thoughts and ideas about the seeds, they really made me smile...


Plant it inside and see what happens, we are scared and determined to climb the beanstalk.

We need walkie-talkies to tell the person to get an axe.

You shouldn’t plant it  inside because it will make a large hole in the ceiling and bits might fall. It might be dangerous.

Don’t plant it at your house it might fall on your house.

It might take your house with it.

We should plant the seed to see what happens.

We should plant it outside in case it gets too big, we are worried it might be dangerous.
Put a sign near the plant “Don’t go near!”. We’re not going to climb it because we might fall off and hurt ourselves we don’t know what’s at the top. We need a big field with no animals and no people near.

We think we should plant it outside and never climb it because giants think we are beans.

We need to be brave the climb the beanstalk.

I don’t want it to be beanstalk because there might be a giant.

They might not be seeds they might be rocks.

We shouldn’t plant it outside the pigeons will eat the seeds.

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