8 March 2019



You may have seen in the press this week articles around the issue of school funding. It is important to update you on the current position within our school.

We are currently classed as an "underfunded" school. This is due to the North Yorkshire methodology for distribution of funds. Per pupil head we receive significantly less than other education authorities. Despite us being an Academy we still receive our pupil funding directly from and through North Yorkshire systems.

It is not all bad. This week we have begun installation of outside equipment paid for by PE funding saved over the last few years. This is however "ring-fenced" funding that can not be spent on the more essential items we require. We are grateful for it. It will have a significant impact on both PE and playtime provision but it may give the false impression that we are financial comfortable. We are not.

With this in mind can I remind all parents about the Easy Funding system which aims to raise money for our library. If you haven't yet registered please do so. It really is a case of every penny counts. If you need details of how to register please ring the office for information.

In order to keep our heads above water we need to make further staffing reductions this summer. In total over the last two years we have lost five full time equivalent teachers and seen a 60% reduction in our support staff hours. This has without doubt increased the pressure and workload of all staff.

Sadly this is despite being consistently told by the Government that school funding is at record high levels. This consistently pushed mantra is at best manipulation of the figures at worst a deliberate attempt to mislead the general public.

My staff are increasingly spending their own money on basic equipment despite real terms cuts to their salaries for the last eight years. it is no wonder teacher recruitment is in such a dire situation.

We are very lucky that we have been so supported by the Multi Academy Trust. Recent improvements to the school building has been due to their generosity. However the basic pupil funding is not under their control and until we receive fairer funding from the Government, via North Yorkshire, things will continue to be difficult.

As always our commitment is to maximize the positive experiences and progress of our children and we will continue to do this to the best of our professional and financial capabilities.

Posted by Scott McFarlane on 8 March 2019

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